China Hotels – Offers a Wide Choice

The third largest country in the world after Russia and Canada, China is located in the Eastern Asia. It is not a country but a different world all together and one needs to visit it to experience it. Importantly, travelers come here for many reasons as the country gives many reasons. If the Chinese history, culture, and the beautiful landscapes interest you then this is the place. Looking for a relaxing beach holiday or an exciting time trying out adventurous activities to vibrating nightlife, China has it all and no reason the Chinese tourism is on a rise.

Finding hotels in china is not difficult with a wide-ranging accommodation available throughout the country. One can conveniently find china hotels, which matches the taste and budget of one’s choice. Touring the country on business or leisure, there are choices from five star hotels, cheap hotels in China to inexpensive hostels, inns and guesthouses. Not all the accommodation in the country accommodates the needs of the foreign visitors but with the international run hotels and domestic China hotels in the major cities of the country cater to the tourists. Visit China and travel to the wonderful cities, staying at the comfortable typical style hotels in China, or the modern hotels. Below listed cities are some of the many beautiful and alluring cities of China that one must undertake, while visiting the country.


Explore the wealth of Beijing’s ancient past and the modern metropolis, on your travel to the city. One of the six ancient cities of China, Beijing is not only the political center of China but the cultural and economical center too. Beijing has a very long history starting about 500,000 years back. It was ruled by many dynasties, invaded many times, and today it has grown into a lively, modern and vibrant city. Travel through the city’s past with a city tour but do not take in that Beijing is only a historical city, be ready for surprises in the form of shooing malls, skyrocketing skyscrapers, city traffic and what not.

Shanghai –Of what started as a fishing village has today developed in to a modern metropolis with the time. Shanghai China’s industrial city, business and commercial center, is catching the attention from all over the world. The manes like ‘Oriental Paris’, ‘Paris of the Oriental’ have become associated with Shanghai, as it beautifully fits the bill of a modern and traditional Chinese heritage and traditions. With the numerous historical sites and modern entertainment, the city sees millions visiting it.

Guilin-The natural beauty and ancient treasures of the Guilin city has made the city a gem of China’s tourism industry. The city has a unique charm of it’s own that the spectacular landscape lends, makes it an important destination when travelling to China. An important historical city, Shanghai has a past behind it of about 2000 years. The lush green mountains, striking caves, crystal clear waters and much more all make Guilin a popular tourist place. Today, it is a well-developed tourist center, with excellent accommodation and transportation facilities.

Xian- The city of Xian has historical and cultural importance in the country, getting it the title of ‘Natural History of Museum’. Moreover, it is an eternal city that has witnessed the country’s changes in history. It is more of a history book where you will find many sites and museums showing the ancient records. It is very place where the ancient civilization in the Yellow river basin flourished. All through the 3,100 years of development many dynasties ruled here and is one of the four important ancient civilizations, the others being Rome, Athens and Cairo. A favorable geographical location helps in a pleasant weather and any time is perfect for travelling here except the winters.

Guangzhou-The Guangzhou city is fast developing a reputation for being a city of overseas Chinese people as it was the first city to open its doors to outside world, leading to economic development. The flourishing city of Guangzhou is a metropolis, lively and exciting place. Enjoying an ideal location in the center of Guangzhou province, on the Pearl River and very close to the North Sea, Hong Kong and Macau, the city is often called as the South Gate of China. This famous tourist destination is a historical and an ancient town, which remained the capital for three dynasties.

LhasaLhasa as the capital of the Tibet region is beautiful, different and with a charm of its own, making it a unique place. The name of the city means the holy land or the land of Buddha and so it is as it is the center of all Tibet activities. Home to the world famous Potala palace, the city has found a place in the list of Chinese cultural and historical cities. Located at a very altitude, the best period to visit is from March to October. The splendor and the grandeur of the city’s heritage and culture make it worth visiting.